Jme - boy better know - edition 3 & 4

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Once Skepta & Jammer left the group, Wiley brought in 2 new members for their 2008 album "Return of the Big Money Sound".

In 2004, Wiley released his debut album, Treddin' on Thin Ice on XL. Singles from the album include "Wot Do U Call It?", a record questioning what name should be given to his music, and "Pies". Many reviews, including that by Pitchfork Media , made comparisons between Wiley and his previous labelmate Dizzee Rascal , who had achieved success with Boy in Da Corner the previous year. [14] Alexis Petridis of The Guardian noted the "comically polarised" fanbase Wiley had accrued; "At one extreme, its sonic experimentation has attracted the kind of people who run music blogs... [where] lengthy essays are posted on issues as the differentiation between Humean and Kantian views of motivation in the lyrics of Bonnie Prince Billy . At the other extreme, it is favoured by inner-city teens who appear to communicate entirely in an impenetrable mix of street slang and patois ." [15]

It had an in-built structure that allowed us to do what we wanted perfectly. There’s space in the quad for the football competition, venues to house all the different things that we wanted to include (Julie Adenuga's B2B sessions in a live music space/Tropical Roller Disco in Building Six, The Den at Indigo... Then all the restaurants for the vegan takeover, the cinema, the bowling…)

Quotable Lyrics
I'm playing my role and that's a bossy one
In my 20's, used to be a flossy one
I call the shots but I don't send man to the shop
Back with another one, ready or not

Wiley track Can't Go Wrong, fully loaded with resounding beats, brought with it the kind of fevered energy the set had been lacking, and It Ain't Safe, from Skepta's Konnichiwa, delivered the best singalong that could fairly be expected from thousands who had shouted themselves hoarse.

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JME - Boy Better Know - Edition 3 & 4JME - Boy Better Know - Edition 3 & 4JME - Boy Better Know - Edition 3 & 4JME - Boy Better Know - Edition 3 & 4