Various - cherry moon retro compilation vol. 3

Moon was particularly fond of touring, since it was his only chance to regularly socialise with his bandmates, and was generally restless and bored when not playing live. This later carried over to other aspects of his life, as he acted them out (according to journalist and Who biographer Dave Marsh ) "as if his life were one long tour." [28] These antics earned him the nickname "Moon the Loon." [29]

Set D of 72 Markers
Y04S Acacia, B99S Agate, BG01S Aqua Blue, YR65S Atoll, V99S Aubergine, E99S Baked Clay, R20S Blush, E08S Brown, BG96S Bush, E79S Cashew, Y32S Cashmere, E71S Champagne, R000S Cherry White, E74S Cocoa Brown, BG23S Coral Sea, E47S Dark Brown, BV17S Deep Reddish Blue, E97S Deep Orange, E43S Dull Ivory, BV20S Dull Lavender, E50S Egg Shell, E95S Tea Orange, FB2S Fluorescent Dull Blue, FBG2S Fluorescent Dull Blue Green, FYR1S Fluorescent Orange, FRV1S Fluorescent Pink, FY1S Fluorescent Yellow Orange, FYG2S Fluorescent Dull Yellow Green, FYG1S Fluorescent Yellow Green, RV2S Fluorescent Dull Violet, G94S Grayish Olive, BV25S Grayish Violet, YG93S Grayish Yellow, GB93S Green Gray, V01S Heath, BV13S Hydrangea Blue, BV000S Iridescent Mauve, B79S Iris, B93S Light Crockery Blue, YR31S Light Reddish Yellow, V95S Light Grape, Y28S Lionet Gold, R12S Light Tea Rose, R14S Light Rouge, R22S Light Prawn, B95S Light Grayish Cobalt, B63S Light Hydrangea, Y35S Maize, V05S Azalea, YG00S Mimosa Yellow, B97S Night Blue, YR68S Orange, B60S Pale Blue Gray, E000S Pale Fruit Pink, V91S Pale Grape, B91S Pale Grayish Blue, B000S Pale Porcelain Blue, R30S Pale Yellowish Pink, BG07S Petroleum Blue, E01S Pink Flamingo, BV02S Prune, RV23S Pure Pink, B28S Royal Blue, RV42S Salmon Pink, YR000S Silk, Slate, B52S Soft Greenish Blue, BV11S Soft Violet, R46S Strong Red, E93S Tea Rose, YG06S Yellowish Green, and YR61 Spring Orange.

Some Suggestions for Writing Haiku  They may look simple, but writing outstanding haiku requires much dedication and craft.  Here are a few pointers that may help.

Under a Violet Moon- Blackmore's Night

  • Under the Moon - Michael D. Walthius
  • Water Moon - Andreas Vollenweider
  • White Moon - Kuzmin Vladimir (Russian Musician)"

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    Various - Cherry Moon Retro Compilation Vol. 3Various - Cherry Moon Retro Compilation Vol. 3Various - Cherry Moon Retro Compilation Vol. 3Various - Cherry Moon Retro Compilation Vol. 3