Bobby vinton - blue velvet / blue on blue

" Mr. Blue " is a popular song written by DeWayne Blackwell [1] that was a hit for The Fleetwoods , reaching #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in November 1959 [2] and giving the group its second chart-topping hit of the year.

Epic Records never had much initial faith in Bobby Vinton, but he turned out to be their best selling artist of the 1960s; with this being used as an example of the matter. Bobby included it on his first vocal album "Roses Are Red" (it was done in a single take), but it was not initially released as a single. He wanted the single to be a follow up to his first hit "Roses Are Red" but Epic's executives went with the decidedly similar " Rain Rain Go Away " and then gave "Mr. Lonely" to Buddy Greco , whom they were grooming as their next big superstar. Greco's version reached No. 64 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on November 10, 1962. [5] [6] When Vinton heard Greco's version on the radio, the executives at the company confessed to him that the move was made because they felt he was not a singer, but rather, a musician and a songwriter. However, in the following months, Bobby's continued success as a vocalist proved them wrong. Many months later, when Epic was preparing a "Greatest Hits" album, they had eleven cuts and asked Bobby what should be the twelfth; "Mr. Lonely" was his response to the question. [7] Following its inclusion, many disc jockeys started to play it - particularly those who remembered Buddy Greco's version and how Epic had shortchanged Bobby on his own song. With this newfound playing came many a demand for "Mr. Lonely" to be released as a single. "Mr. Lonely" became one of Bobby's signature songs and a favorite with servicemen around the world. Epic subsequently built an entire album release around "Mr. Lonely" when it became a hit as a single. [7]

Bobby Vinton - Blue Velvet / Blue On BlueBobby Vinton - Blue Velvet / Blue On BlueBobby Vinton - Blue Velvet / Blue On BlueBobby Vinton - Blue Velvet / Blue On Blue