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Our predictions for Beauty and the Beast was higher than average, but even we underestimated the film’s weekend box office numbers. It fell just 48% to $ million, which was more than double the second place film, Power Rangers . This one-two punch helped the overall box office earn $202 million, but this was 23% lower than last weekend . It was also 20% lower than the same weekend last year. Granted, this weekend last year was the weekend Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice debuted, so a decline like this was expected. Year-to-date, 2017 has earned $ billion, putting it % or $170 million ahead of last year’s pace. More...
Thursday Night Previews: Kong is a Little Short in its Debut with $ million March 10th, 2017

His character's early history has been compared with the civil rights leader Malcolm X [8] [9] and Jewish Defense League founder Meir Kahane . [10] [11] Magneto opposes the pacifist attitude of Professor X and pushes for a more aggressive approach to achieving civil rights. In 2011, IGN ranked Magneto as the Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time. [12]

X-Men - Make It SoX-Men - Make It SoX-Men - Make It SoX-Men - Make It So