Kristine w - be alright

There is a whopping 2 cups of root beer used in the batter for this cake, and another ¼ cup is used in the frosting, so you definitely get the root beer flavor. Plus, the cake sort of soaks in the flavors the longer it sits. If you bake the cake, cool it and then wrap it well in plastic wrap and serve it the next day, the root beer flavor will have intensified.

I would suggest your husband claiming 3 allowances on his W-4. Keep in mind, the fewer allowances he claims (1 or 2), the more likely he is to receive a larger tax refund although more tax will be withheld from his paychecks.

Kristine W - Be AlrightKristine W - Be AlrightKristine W - Be AlrightKristine W - Be Alright