Chris grabher - easy atmosphere

1. Grand Entrance, 5pm
Getting to Haines isn’t easy. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to leave. Though Haines is only 80 miles north of Juneau, access is via a short, 35­minute commuter flight in a Cessna Caravan with Alaska Seaplanes or a ­hour ferry ride aboard the Alaska Marine Highway . Alaska Air flies 737s into Juneau with connections through Seattle, but there are no roads connecting Juneau to the rest of the state. The ferry trip through the Lynn Canal is exquisite, with towering mountains erupting directly from North America’s longest fjord. The flight option is bi­polar, as it can be sometimes terrifying but often breathtakingly beautiful: occasionally at the same time.

“Please be advised that the Office of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles has received a complaint about your personalized plate “GRABHER.” While I recognize this plate was issued as your last name, the public cannot be expected to know this and can misinterpret it as a socially unacceptable slogan.”

Guest stars : Tanya Chisholm as Kelly Wainwright, Erin Sanders as Camille, Challen Cates as Mrs. Knight, Fred Tallaksen as Mr. X, Rachel Quaintance as Roberta, Michael Ng as Rob, Ted Garcia as himself, Matt Riedy as Griffin, Anne Johnson as Mrs. Magicowski, Denyse Tontz as Jennifer 1, Spencer Locke as Jennifer 2, Savannah Jayde as Jennifer 3, Barnett O'Hara as Guitar Dude , Tucker Albrizzi as Tyler, Alyssa Preston as Tyler's Mom, Obdul Reid as Obdul and Sammy Jay as Jenny Tinkler

Chris Grabher - Easy Atmosphere